Timeroom: Fall 2022

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Durham   Life Sciences & Agriculture :: Natural Resources

NR 663 (01) - Applied Directed Research in New Zealand

Appl Dir Research/New Zealand

Credits: 4.0
Term: Fall 2022 - Full Term (08/29/2022 - 12/12/2022)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   25  
CRN: 16855
Working closely with faculty, student teams investigate selected ecological, resource management or policy issues. All projects have scientific and societal relevance, and contribute to ongoing/existing projects in the region. Students use the scientific method to design and carry out their projects. Development of rigorous field investigations, experimental design, data analysis, and scientific writing are emphasized. Students prepare a research report and present their findings in a seminar that includes stakeholders and people from the local community. Prereq: junior/senior; permission. Coreq: NR 660, NR 661, and NR 662. Writing intensive.
Instructor Approval Required. Contact Instructor for permission then register through Webcat.
Co-Requisite: NR 660, NR 661, NR 662
Equivalent(s): EC 663
Attributes: Writing Intensive Course
Instructors: Kimberly Babbitt
Start Date End Date Days Time Location
8/29/2022 12/12/2022 Hours Arranged ABROAD TBA