LGP 990 (1LH) - Law Special Topics

LawSpcTop/Biotech & Pharma

Law   Franklin Pierce School of Law :: General Practice (LAW)
Online Course Delivery Method: Immersion Attendance Required
Credits: 2.0
Term: Fall 2024 - Law Immersion 1 (08/22/2024 - 08/25/2024)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   25  
CRN: 16582
Special topics courses explore emerging developments in the law or take advantage of special expertise provided by visitors and guest faculty. Courses offered under this title are approved by the Associate Dean and may be designated to meet skills or advanced writing requirements. Special topics classes may only satisfy elective credit and are available only to law students after their first year of study and graduate students by permission.
Instructor Approval Required. Contact Instructor for permission then register through Webcat.
Repeat Rule: May be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits.
Majors not allowed in section: LAW JD DWS, LAW: JD, LAW: JD ADV, LAW: JD MBA, LAW: JD MPP, LAW: JD SW
Instructors: William Shaw, Bruce Leicher

Times & Locations

Start Date End Date Days Time Location
8/22/2024 8/25/2024 RFSU 9:00am - 5:00pm OFFCMP TBD
Additional Course Details: 

Biotech & Pharma: Discovery, Development and Commercialization

This course will explore a selection of legal, regulatory and business issues that arise from the research, development, manufacturing and sale of biopharmaceutical products. Students will work through a series of topics and case studies to learn about the interface of science, business and the law in biotechnology research, development and commercialization activities.  It will start with issues involving academic innovation and follow the course of research and development into start up companies, technology transfer to biotech companies, and then development enabled by Biotech partnering collaborations.   There will be a session on career journeys with Chief Legal Officers in a diverse group of Biotech companies and then a session on the challenges of commercialization, drug pricing and affordability and access. 

Learn on Location: Boston Massachusetts