HIST 690 (01) - Seminar: Historical Expl

Seminar: Historical Expl

Durham   Liberal Arts :: History
Credits: 4.0
Term: Fall 2024 - Full Term (08/26/2024 - 12/09/2024)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   15  
CRN: 14481
Seminar in one of the fields listed below: A) American History, B) Atlantic History, C) Canadian History, D) Latin American History, E) Medieval History, F) European History, G) History of Islam, H) Ancient History, I) East Asian History, J) African History, K) Middle Eastern History, L) Historiography, M) Russian History, N) World History, O) British History, P) New Hampshire History, Q) Historical Methodology, R) Irish History, S) History of Science, T) Maritime History, U) Museum Studies. Course meets the History requirements for Group I, II, or III, depending on the topic. May be repeated barring duplication of subject.
Repeat Rule: May be repeated up to unlimited times.
Equivalent(s): HIST 701
Cross listed with : HIST 890.01
Instructors: Julia Rodriguez

Times & Locations

Start Date End Date Days Time Location
8/26/2024 12/9/2024 R 4:10pm - 6:00pm MCC 230
Additional Course Details: 

HI 690/890: Digital History Methods - Fall 2024 

Thursdays 4:10-6:00pm  

Prof. Julia Rodriguez 





How has the history of information shaped our world? 


Curious about how museums are entering the electronic age? 


Want to explore issues of information access and democracy in the digital age? 


Ever wonder what gets scanned and what stays buried in the archive? 


Want to practice skills that combine liberal arts and digital media? 


HI 690/890: Digital History Methods - Fall 2024 

Thursdays 4:10-6:00pm  

Prof. Julia Rodriguez 


This seminar will focus on the process of creating, evaluating, and implementing digital history for teaching, research, and museum purposes. The course readings, workshops, and discussions will expose students to the history of information technologies as well the philosophical, practical, and controversial aspects of the emerging field of Digital History. The course will also involve hands-on production and evaluation of digital history projects, including the UNH-produced HOSLAC website (History of Science in Latin America and the Caribbean, www.hoslac.org), as well as original student projects. 



All readings for this course will be available electronically as OER's (Open Educational Resources).