ANSC 401 (01) - Animals and Society

Animals and Society

Durham   Life Sciences & Agriculture :: Animal Sciences
Credits: 4.0
Term: Fall 2024 - Full Term (08/26/2024 - 12/09/2024)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   23  
CRN: 10394
Special Fees: $10.00
Through an interdisciplinary and historical lens, students delve into the interaction and interdependence of animals and people, the changes and patterns over time, and the resulting implications for the animal industry and the quality of life for animals, people, and the planet. Topics covered include agricultural production, organic farming, sustainability, global agriculture, Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), research, nutrition, food safety, genetics, animal health, aquaculture, animal welfare, breeding, recreation, companionship, and the reproduction of domestic animals. What are the major changes in meat consumption by humans? What is the effect of these changes on the environment and large and small farm operations? What are the effects of biotechnological research performed on animals for human benefits? What is the difference between animal welfare and animal rights? Why should we care? In what ways does this affect us?
Attributes: Discovery Lab Course, Biological Science(Discovery)
Instructors: STAFF

Times & Locations

Start Date End Date Days Time Location
8/26/2024 12/9/2024 MWF 9:10am - 10:00am PARS N104
8/26/2024 12/9/2024 M 10:10am - 11:30am SLS 125