ME 895 (04) - Special Topics

Special Topics

Durham   Engineering&Physical Sciences :: Mechanical Engineering
Credits: 1.0 to 4.0
Term: Spring 2024 - Full Term (01/23/2024 - 05/06/2024)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   5  
CRN: 57267
New or specialized courses and/or independent study. May be repeated barring duplication of subject.
Section Comments: Title: Transport and Mixing in the Environment. Application of fluid mechanics to transport and mixing in the environment. The class will cover the derivation and solutions to the differential form of mass conservation equations, fundamentals of turbulence, turbulent diffusion, and shear dispersion in steady and oscillatory flows and the effects of stratification. Application to rivers, wetlands, lakes, estuaries, the coastal ocean, and the lower atmosphere. Prerequisites: ME 608, CEE 650, CHE 601, ESCI 654, or equivalent. Or permission of the instructor.
Registration Approval Required. Contact Instructor or Academic Department for permission then register through Webcat.
Repeat Rule: May be repeated up to unlimited times.
Cross listed with : ME 795.04
Instructors: Theresa Oehmke

Times & Locations

Start Date End Date Days Time Location
1/23/2024 5/6/2024 TR 11:10am - 12:30pm KING S145