HMSV 500G (01) - Human Services and the Helping Process

Humn Srvc & Helping Process

CPS Online   Coll of Professional Studies :: Human Services
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Online Course Delivery Method: Online Asynchronous
Credits: 4.0
Term: Summer 2023 - Term 5 (06/26/2023 - 08/18/2023)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   30  
CRN: 70933
This course provides an introduction to the helping process in the context of a human service agency. There are two essential components to this course. The first examines the economic, social, and political forces that have shaped the development of human service organizations and their status today. It reviews the issues and obstacles involved in providing quality service to various populations in our society. The second major emphasis offers students the opportunity to review the basic elements of the helping process. Students examine the development of a professional working relationship with clients. They also learn what the process of helping includes. Emphasis includes the influence of personal experiences and values on prospective workers in the helping professions.
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Equivalent(s): BEHS 502G
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Only listed colleges in section: Coll of Professional Studies
Attributes: Online (no campus visits), EUNH
Instructors: Michele Naismith

Times & Locations

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6/26/2023 8/18/2023 Hours Arranged ONLINE