PHYS 406 (L04) - Introduction to Modern Astronomy

Intro to Modern Astronomy Lab

Durham   Engineering&Physical Sciences :: Physics
Credits: 0.0
Term: Spring 2022 - Full Term (01/25/2022 - 05/09/2022)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   24  
CRN: 50044
Special Fees: $25.00
Descriptive coverage of contemporary astronomical and astrophysical techniques with a review of current knowledge and theories concerning the solar system, galaxies, and the universe. Recommended for liberal arts and beginning science students. Knowledge of high school algebra is assumed. Note that this is the same course as PHYS 405, except for the substitution of a lab instead of a term paper. Cannot be taken for credit if credit received for PHYS 405. Lab.
Department Approval Required. Contact Academic Department for permission then register through Webcat.
Equivalent(s): PHYS 406H
Attributes: Physical Science(Discovery), Discovery Lab Course
Instructors: John Gianforte

Times & Locations

Start Date End Date Days Time Location
1/25/2022 5/9/2022 W 8:10pm - 10:00pm DEM 253