JUST 601 (01) - Internship


Credits: 4.0
Term: Fall 2021 - Full Term (08/30/2021 - 12/13/2021)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   15  
CRN: 11164
Placement by the justice studies coordinator in a position related to the justice system (e.g., criminal courts, corrections, civil courts, law firms, policy-making agencies, law enforcement agencies); weekly class meetings. Prereq: permission; seniors only.
Section Comments: You must have SENIOR standing at the start of this course.
Department Approval Required. Contact Academic Department for permission then register through Webcat.
Only listed campus in section: Durham, Manchester
Only listed majors in section: JUSTICE STUDIES
Instructors: STAFF

Times & Locations

Start Date End Date Days Time Location
8/30/2021 12/13/2021 W 6:10pm - 9:00pm MCC 245