ARTS 674 (01) - Greek Art and Architecture

Credits: 4.0
Term: Spring 2019 - Full Term (01/22/2019 - 05/06/2019)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   35  
CRN: 56272
Ancient Greece has long been a source of emulation and inspiration. From the legendary Bronze Age palaces of Mycenae and Knossos, through the classical ideals of the city state and its ultimate diffusion through Alexander the Great, this course explores ancient Greek culture through the lens of its surviving art and architecture. We will visit the great temples, urban centers, monuments, buildings, statuary, luxury and everyday objects that Greek society produced as a reflection of its ideals. At the same time, we will consider the legacy of Greek material culture by looking at issues such as cultural heritage, the trade in antiquities, and the adoption of Greek forms in our modern world. Prereq: one 400- or 500-level art history course. Writing intensive.
Only listed campus in section: Durham, Manchester
Attributes: Writing Intensive Course
Instructors: STAFF

Times & Locations

Start Date End Date Days Time Location
1/22/2019 5/6/2019 TR 2:10pm - 3:30pm PCAC A205
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