ADMN 575 (01) - Behavior in Organizations

Durham   Paul College of Business&Econ :: Administration
Credits: 4.0
Term: Summer 2018 - Summer Session I (05/21/2018 - 06/22/2018)
Grade Mode: Letter Grading
Class Size:   35  
CRN: 70165
Behavioral science concepts applied to work settings. Focus on understanding and analyzing individual beliefs, values, goals, perceptions, motivation, commitment, and decision making; group structures and processes (interpersonal skills, communication, conflict resolution, leadership, and team work); organizational control systems (rewards, task design, performance appraisal); outcomes (satisfaction and development of the person as well as the organization); and organizational change. No credit for students who have already had MGT 580. Prereq: ADMN 400, ADMN 403, ADMN 502. Writing intensive.
Prerequisite(s): (ADMN 400 with minimum grade of C- or HMGT 401 with minimum grade of C- ) and (ADMN 403 with minimum grade of C- ) and (ADMN 502 with minimum grade of C- or ADM 532 with minimum grade of C- )
Equivalent(s): ADMN 611, BUS 620
Only listed colleges in section: Paul College of Business&Econ
Attributes: Writing Intensive Course, Inquiry (Discovery)
Instructors: STAFF

Times & Locations

Start Date End Date Days Time Location
5/21/2018 6/22/2018 MTWR 10:10am - 12:10pm PCBE 235